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Discography: Malkoo (Malku) - Download MP3 Albums

Malkoo (Malku)
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Malkoo is a very popular singer in Punjab, Pakistan. By doing concerts all over the World, he has made himself known throughout the World. He has visited many countries for his concerts including, US and Canada. He is lyrics writer, and he has penned many hit songs for other singers. Waris Baig’s album, Aa Ja Nach Lay was written and composed by Malkoo. This is not the only composition, he has composed for many other artists also.

Malkoo has released many albums now. MastySpot & Apnapakistan have collected all his songs, along with his biography for your ease. Now you can easily download all songs of Malkoo from all his albums.

Sochna Ve Na (2004)
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Mintan De Naal
Sochna Vee Na
Pani (Paani, Ravi)
Pyar Te Paisa (Paise)
Net (internet, email)
Cingqi (Ching Chee)
Lap Lap Surma

Jogi (2005)

Aja Watnan Noon (Aa Ja Watan Nun)
Akhyan (Akhian)
College (Kaljay)
Jaan Deo (Basant Song)

Bhatti Dollar Kaman Challeya (2007)

Aja Sohniye.wma
Na Javein.wma
Naal Akh.wma
Chan Chan Kardian.wma
Chan Makhna.wma
Gallan Goriyan.wma
Rabba Mere Yaar.wma
Sochaya Na.wma
Sonh Tere Pyar Di.wma
Tor Teri Mastani.wma
Vay Bandiya.wma

Kala Jora(2008)

Aj Guddiyan
Kala Jora
Aa Ja Sohniye
Na Javein
Naal Akh
Chan Chan Kardian
Chan Makhna
Gallan Goriyan
Rabba Mere Yaar
Socheya Na
Sonh Tere Pyar Di
Tor Teri Mastani
Vay Bandiya (Ve Bandeya)

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